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Presto PowerStak

Presto PowerStak

Presto Lifts PowerStak

The Presto PowerStak is a high performance, fully powered stacker that offers significant performance advantages over manual stackers without a significant price premium. The PowerStak provides instant flexibility and versatility.

Whether used as a dedicated stacker, or as a combination stacker/work positioner, or as a transporter, it will provide a significant improvement in worker productivity. Its abundance of ergonomic features make it the safest, easiest to operate powered stacker available. Its sleek, stylish design, low overall weight, and quiet operation allow the PowerStak to fit nicely into a wide variety of work environments.

Five PowerStak straddle models are available to satisfy just about any requirement including servicing racks up to 10 feet high. Fork Over models can be used with open bottom pallets or skids and adjustable straddle units are available for use with any pallet style, even closed bottom.
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Presto PowerStak PPS-AS - Straddle Models
(L x W x H)
StraddleWheel Dia.Ship
PPS2200-62NAS2200 lbs24"62"2.625"67.75" x 60" x 79"38"-50"46"-60"4"5"1200 lbsQuote
PPS2200-101AS2200 lbs24"101"2.625"71.75" x 60" x 73"38"-50"46"-60"4"5"1405 lbsQuote
PPS2200-125AS2200 lbs24"125"2.625"71.75" x 60" x 83"38"-50"46"-60"4"5"1445 lbsQuote
PPS2200-150AS2200 lbs24"150"2.625"71.75" x 60" x 98.5"38"-50"46"-60"4"5"1545 lbsQuote

Presto PowerStak PPS-FO - Fork Over Models
(L x W x H)
ForksWheel Dia.Ship
PPS2200-62NFO-212200 lbs24"62"3.375"21"65.19" x 32" x 78"9"21"3"5"1100 lbsQuote
PPS2200-62NFO-272200 lbs24"62"3.375"27"65.19" x 32" x 78"15"27"3"5"1100 lbsQuote
PowerStak HandlePowerStak Drive WheelsPowerStak Belly Button Switch

Ergonomic handle with comfort group controls and switch redundancy for left or right hand operation

Smooth polyurethane drive wheel is fully shrouded to protect operators' feet

Auto reversing "belly bump" switch protects against operator accidents while working in tight quarters

PowerStak MastPowerStak Battery IndicatorPowerStak Fork Carriage

Narrow mast and offset design provide workers a clear view with no "blind spots"

Battery status indicator and charger controls

Adjustable fork carriage allows forks to be quickly repositioned to best accommodate loads (straddle only)

  • Load Backrest
  • Forged Steel Forks
  • Rubber Drive Wheel
  • Marine Battery Upgrade
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