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Presto Logo Since 1944, Presto Lifts, Inc. has been creating precision hydraulic equipment that improves safety and productivity. In 1977, Presto Lifts began producing a full line of manually propelled lifts and stackers under the brand name of Presto. 1990 saw the introduction of the scissor lift table for in-plant applications. Presto Lifts offers more than 500 different models of lifts, tables and tilters.

All Presto products are put through a rigorous 110% testing before shipment, to ensure our high quality standards are met. If service is required, all standard replacement parts are carried in stock and are shipped within 24 to 48 hours.
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Presto PowerStak PowerStak Series
Capacity:2,200 lbs
Lift Height:62" - 150"
Fork Length:42"
Fork OD:12.5" - 26.75"
Load Center:24"
Presto Counterbalanced PowerStak PPS-CB Series
Capacity:1,100 lbs
Lift Height:62"
Fork Length:30"
Fork OD:6.3" - 23.6"
Load Center:15"
Presto B800 B800 Series
Type:Electric Lift
Capacity:1,500 - 2,000 lbs
Lift Height:62" - 127"
Fork Length:30"
Straddle OD:26" - 38"
Load Center:20"
Presto Pallet Stacker PS Series
Type: Electric Lift
Capacity:2,000 - 2,700 lbs
Lift Height:62" - 127"
Fork Length:36"
Straddle OD:41" - 56"
Load Center:24"
Presto LiftStik LiftStik Series
Type: Electric Lift
Capacity:185 - 445 lbs
Lift Height:52" - 65"
Platform Size:18.5" x 23.5"
Straddle OD:22" - 23.5"
Load Center:12"
Presto EPF EPF Series
Type: Electric Lift
Capacity:1,000 lbs
Lift Height:52" - 130"
Fork Length:30"
Straddle OD:30" - 40"
Load Center:18"
Presto B600 B600 Series
Type:Electric Lift
Capacity:1,000 - 2,000 lbs
Lift Height:52" - 78"
Fork Length:25"
Straddle OD:21" - 26"
Load Center:15"
Presto Counterweight CW Series
Capacity:200 - 1,000 lbs
Lift Height:62" - 74"
Fork Length:25" - 30"
Fork OD:6.5" - 20"
Load Center:13" - 15"
Presto WP WPS WP & WPS Series
Type:Electric Lift
Capacity:2,000 - 3,000 lbs
Lift Height:36" - 60"
Fork Length:48"
Straddle OD:26.5" - 56"
Load Center:24"
Presto Manual Stacker M Series
Capacity:1,000 - 2,000 lbs
Lift Height:50" - 78"
Fork Length:25" - 30"
Straddle OD:21" - 32"
Load Center:15" - 18"
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