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Electric Skid Lifters

Lift Products MJHLSE
Lift Products MJHLSE
The MJHLSE series features a 12 Volt DC electric motor with an on-board power unit that includes a battery and an external automatic charger that runs on 110 Volt input.
Capacity:2,200 lbs.
Lift Height:32.75"
Fork Length:45.5"
Fork OD:20.75" - 27.25"
Load Center:22.5"
  • Poly Wheels & Casters
  • Foot Brakes
  • Single Stage Cylinder
  • 2-to-1 Lift Ratio
Bishamon LVE
Bishamon LVE
Bishamon skid lifts are rugged high-rise, fork style lifts that provide improved ergonomics and a functional ease of access for your workforce.
Capacity:1,100 - 2,200 lbs.
Lift Height:32.8"
Fork Length:42.5"
Fork OD:20.5" - 27"
Load Center:21"
  • Twin heavy duty chains
  • 2-to-1 Cylinder Lifting Ratio
  • Lower Captured Roller Channel
  • Easily Accessible Foot Controls
Lift Products MJHLE
Lift Products MJHLE
The Maxx-Jack electric lift models are ideal for lifting skids, plastic pallets, wire baskets, or containers with open bottoms. With the optional slide on platform this unit makes a great portable lift table.
Capacity:2,200 lbs.
Lift Height:31.5"
Fork Length:45"
Fork OD:20.5" - 27"
Load Center:24"
  • 12V Electrical System
  • Push Button Lift/Lower on Handle
  • Automatic Floor Lock
  • Poly Steer & Load Wheels
Bishamon UniLift
Bishamon UniLift
The Bishamon UniLift gives you the best of both worlds. It maneuvers like a pallet jack and lifts like a stacker. It is the only product available that can transport and lift a closed bottom pallet without straddling it.
Capacity:2,000 lbs.
Lift Height:9.375" - 34"
Fork Length:48"
Fork OD:27"
Load Center:20" - 24"
  • On-board, automatic battery charger
  • Works with standard pallets and skids
  • Handles like a standard pallet jack
  • Efficient 24 VDC battery system
  • Allows for both transport and load positioning
Interthor EHL
Interthor EHL Electric Thork Lift
The Thork Lift has an elegant design with rounded corners minimizing potential damage to the surroundings, skids and goods.
Capacity:2,200 - 3,300 lbs.
Lift Height:19.5" - 31.5"
Fork Length:27.5" - 79"
Fork OD:19" - 27"
Load Center:13.75" - 39.5
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Tandem Wheels
  • Foot Protection
  • Low Unit Weight
  • Rounded Corners
Noblelift DGB33
Noblelift DGB33 Electric Skid Lift
Powered by a 12 volt battery and driven by an effective pump station, the DGB33 is designed to load and unload conveyors, feed presses and any applications that require positioning of pallets.
Capacity:3,300 lbs.
Lift Height:31.5"
Fork Length:43.3"
Fork OD:27"
Load Center:21.5"
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Safety Overload System
  • Enclosed Fork Tips
  • Reinforced Fork Frames
Product Lines:
Specifications Comparison:
ProductMade ByCapacityLift HeightFork LengthFork O.D.Load CenterShips From
MJHLSELift Products2,200 lbs.32.75"45.5"20.75" - 27.25"22.5"WI
LVEBishamon1,100 - 2,200 lbs.32.8"42.5"20.5" - 27"21"CA
MJHLELift Products2,200 lbs.31.5"45"20.5" - 27"22.5"WI
UniLiftBishamon2,000 lbs.9.375" - 34"48"27"24"CA
EHLInterthor2,200 - 3,300 lbs.19.5" - 31.5"27.5" - 79"19" - 27"13.75" - 39.5"IL
DGB33Noblelift3,300 lbs.31.5"43.3"27"21.5"IL
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