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Big Joe PDH

Big Joe PDH

Big Joe PDH Heavy Duty Walkie Straddle Stackers

The PDH series has many of the capabilities of a rider. Long duty cycles over multi-shift operations, capacity for heavy loads - up to 4,000 pounds - the ability to operate in narrow aisles and other congested areas not normally accessible to riders. And because it is a Walkie, it costs significantly less.

The PDH is effective for special applications requiring hydraulic attachments. These include devices like sideshifters, roll clamps, carton clamps, and die pullers. The design and construction of this series makes it ideal for use in extreme industrial environments such as foundrys and freezers.

The Big Joe PDH is the appropriate series for those with special needs or requirements. It is a heavy-duty performer at a cost efficient price.
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Big Joe PDH Series - 24" Load Center
Overall Length*Turn Radius*Weight W/O
LiftColl.Ext.Free Lift12V24V12V24V
PDH-20-60200060"77"80"57"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"1655 lbsQuote
PDH-20-1062000106"71"123"12"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"1910 lbsQuote
PDH-20-1302000130"83"147"12"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"2038 lbsQuote
PDH-20-1542000154"95"171"12"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"2100 lbsQuote
PDH-20-1682000168"102"185"12"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"2152 lbsQuote
PDH-25-60250060"77"80"57"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"1693 lbsQuote
PDH-20-1062500106"71"123"12"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"1925 lbsQuote
PDH-25-1302000130"83"147"12"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"2082 lbsQuote
PDH-25-1542500154"95"171"12"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"2149 lbsQuote
PDH-25-1682500168"102"185"12"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"2204 lbsQuote
PDH-30-60300060"77"80"57"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"1723 lbsQuote
PDH-30-1063000106"71"123"12"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"1992 lbsQuote
PDH-30-1303000130"83"147"12"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"2122 lbsQuote
PDH-30-1543000154"95"171"12"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"2189 lbsQuote
PDH-30-1683000168"102"185"12"26.5"32"61.3"66.9"62.0"66.5"2254 lbsQuote
PDH-40-60400060"77.5"80"57"27.4"32"68.1"72.8"62.3"66.9"1885 lbsQuote
PDH-40-1064000106"71.5"123"12"26.6"32"68.1"72.8"62.3"66.9"2328 lbsQuote
PDH-40-1304000130"83.5"147"12"26.6"32"68.1"72.8"62.3"66.9"2410 lbsQuote
PDH-40-1544000154"95.5"171"12"26.6"32"68.1"72.8"62.3"66.9"2520 lbsQuote

Big Joe PDH Tri-Mast Series - 24" Load Center
Weight W/O
LiftColl.Ext.Free Lift
PDH-20-1582000158"71"178"51"26.75"32"70.3"72.5"2289 lbsQuote
PDH-20-1942000194"83"214"63"26.75"32"70.3"72.5"2379 lbsQuote
PDH-25-1582500158"71"178"51"26.75"32"70.3"72.5"2345 lbsQuote
PDH-25-1942500194"83"214"63"26.75"32"70.3"72.5"2440 lbsQuote
PDH-30-1583000158"71"178"51"26.75"32"70.3"72.5"2394 lbsQuote
PDH-30-1943000194"83"214"63"26.75"32"70.3"72.5"2489 lbsQuote
PDH-40-1584000158"77"184"51"26.6"32"75.25"72.5"3224 lbsQuote
PDH-40-1944000194"89"220"63"26.6"32"75.25"72.5"3340 lbsQuote

Travel Speeds (in mph) up to
Lift Speeds (fpm) up to

Note: * Values are rounded to the nearest tenth of an inch. ** Derate capacity 500 lbs. above 158".

  • Interlocked I-beam Mast. The premium steel mast construction features interlocked steel channel and I-beam design with rollerbearing surfaces for long mast life. Interlock channel and I-beam mast accommodates high lifting stresses and maintains load stability.

  • Large Direction Reversing "Belly-button" Impact Switch. Provides operator protection when traveling. Upon body contact, switch activates low speed away from the operator.

  • Versatile Braking Systems. Two-way mechanical linkage actuates an automotive-type disc brake when the handle is positioned in the top or bottom of its arc. "Dead-man" feature returns the handle to its upright position, cuts out travel power and auto-mechanically engages the brake if the handle is inadvertently released.

  • Industrial Rated Batteries. Built to withstand deep-discharge and recharging, industrial rated batteries contain heavy plates and separators. Hinged battery compartment covers provide easy access to batteries for maintenance.

  • Fully Protected Electrical System. Fully fuse protected, heavy duty industrial contactors are standard. All wiring is coded and has quick-disconnect terminals for easy servicing.

  • Chrome Plated Lift Cylinder. For long life and low ram maintenance.

  • High Strength Construction. Unitized continuous welded steel in every Big Joe frame minimizes structural deterioration.
  • Emergency Power Disconnect. Externally mounted, quick release battery disconnect is readily accessible to remove all power from truck circuits in the event of an emergency.

  • Special Alloy Forks. Heavy-duty I.T.A. forks are heat-treated alloy steel and formed to preserve full strength at the fork heel. Bottom taper of 14 inches and beveled fork tips allow easy pallet entry and exit.

  • I.T.A. Class II Carriage. I.T.A. Class II Carriage makes changing from forks to attachments simple. No tools or pin removal are required. Changing outside fork dimension is equally easy.

  • Pressure-Compensated Flow Control Valve at base of lift cylinder regulates lowering speed.

  • V-Boxed Load Wheels on Straddle Legs. This straddle leg design not only protects load wheels, but its angular shape aids in positioning.

  • Wheels. 4" polyurethane load wheels standard on all models. 3", 6" and tandem wheels are optional. 4" tandem standard on 4000 lb. trucks. Standard drive tire is 10.5" x 5" solid rubber, lug-type cushion tires. Drive wheel traction force and steering effort remain constant regardless of payload.

Please Note: Only common options are listed in the quote requests. If you would like additional options from the below list quoted, please include that information in the requirements section of the quote request.

  • Battery discharge indicator (BDI)
  • Remote lift/lower buttons in handle
  • 36" wide fork carriage
  • Pallet centering device
  • Maintenance free batteries
  • Remote lift/lower box
  • Adjustable straddle legs
  • Rigid fork carriage
  • 1500 lbs capacity
  • Key switch
  • Lift lock out
  • Hour meter
  • Cold conditioning
  • Boom with hook
  • Die handler-manual
  • Die handler-hydraulic
  • Drum handler
  • Order picking platform
  • Paper roll handler
  • Ram
  • Removable load platform
  • Roller bed
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