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Big Joe PDI

Big Joe PDI

Big Joe PDI Intermittent Duty Walkie Straddle Stackers

Big Joe's family of "walkie" straddle trucks can accomplish a wide variety of material handling and work positioning tasks. These versatile vehicles provide a great alternative to sit down forklifts in many applications at a greatly reduced cost.

In addition, because of their compact design these stackers can operate in very tight environments and can be used to facilitate ergonomic work positioning to reduce on the job injuries and enhance productivity. The basic high quality construction of Big Joe's straddle stackers includes components that make use easy and maintenance rare.

If you're looking for a material handling vehicle that is rugged and that can accomplish a variety of tasks choose one of Big Joe's straddle stackers.
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Rigid Fork Models - 2,000 lbs Cap @ 24" Load Center
ModelHeightStraddleOverall Size
(L x W)
Forks DimensionsWeight
LiftColExtIDODIDODL x WLowered
PDI-2024-R560"74.8"76"16.62"24.62"58.3" x 26"57°15.3"26"30" x 5.4"4.5"1175Quote
PDI-2024-R672"86.8"88"16.62"24.62"58.3" x 26"57°15.3"26"30" x 5.4"4.5"1200Quote

Adjustable Fork Carriage Models - 2,000 lbs Cap @ 24" Load Center
ModelHeightStraddleOverall Size
(L x W)
Forks DimensionsWeight
LiftColExtIDODIDODL x WLowered
PDI-2024-A557"74.8"76"26"/42"34"/50"61.3" x 34"60°6"24"42" x 4"1.75"1275Quote
PDI-2024-A669"86.8"88"26"/42"34"/50"61.3" x 34"60°6"24"42" x 4"1.75"1300Quote
PDI-2024-A781"98.8"100"26"/42"34"/50"61.3" x 34"60°6"24"42" x 4"1.75"1325Quote

Adjustable Fork Carriage Models Telescopic - 2,000 lbs Cap @ 24" Load Center
ModelHeightStraddleOverall Size
(L x W)
Forks DimensionsWeight
LiftColExtIDODIDODL x WLowered
PDI-2024-T896"69"116"30"/42"38"/50"61.3" x 38"60°10.1"24"42" x 4"2.5"1375Quote
PDI-2024-T9108"75"128"30"/42"38"/50"61.3" x 38"60°10.1"24"42" x 4"2.5"1400Quote
PDI-2024-T10120"81"140"42"50"61.3" x 50"60°10.1"24"42" x 4"2.5"1425Quote
PDI-2024-T11132"87"152"42"50"61.3" x 50"60°10.1"24"42" x 4"2.5"1450Quote
PDI-2024-T12144"93"164"42"50"61.3" x 50"60°10.1"24"42" x 4"2.5"1475Quote
  • Two 12V poly-cased batteries connected in series, providing a 24V power source at 160AH

  • Internal automatic smart charger. Input: 120VAC-1Ø-60hz at 15A. Output: 25VAC at 25A. Supports gel, absorbed glass and flooded lead acid batteries.

  • "All Steel" control handle designed to allow smooth operation with either hand. Protective wraparound hand guard, rubber hand grips, horn, "Belly Button" reversing switch, thumb and twist grip travel control are all standard.

  • The dashboard mounted lift and lower lever allow uncomplicated and precise load placement. Infinitely variable ball-type lowering valve provides a full range of lowering speeds for optimum control.

  • Premium design lift cylinder provides smooth lifting and lowering and long life with minimal maintenance.

  • Full system filtration prevents contaminants from entering the hydraulic system. Pressure compensating flow control valve at base of lift cylinder regulates lowering speeds.
  • All cables and wires are color coded and or numbered for easy service and tracing. Control circuits are fuse-protected, and use plug-in type connector.

  • Curtis motor controller provides infinitely variable travel speeds with efficient use of battery power.

  • Hydraulic lift pump motor is specially designed for peak electrical efficiency at specific torque and rpm levels.

  • Compact, open frame 24V DC drive motor provides ample torque and RPM at low current and temperature levels.

  • Electric disc brake is mounted on the drive motor armature shaft utilizing the 25:1 gear ratio transmission to multiply the braking force for safe stopping performance.

  • The drive motor, transmission, brake and drive wheel are coupled to the control arm via pivot tube that provides the operator direct control of all drive functions.

  • The entire drive system is mounted within the truck frame for maximum protection.

  • Removal of one piece power head cover exposes major components for inspection and maintenance.

Please Note: Only common options are listed in the quote requests. If you would like additional options from the below list quoted, please include that information in the requirements section of the quote request.

  • Battery discharge indicator (BDI)
  • Remote lift/lower buttons in handle
  • 36" wide fork carriage
  • Pallet centering device
  • Maintenance free batteries
  • Remote lift/lower box
  • Adjustable straddle legs
  • Rigid fork carriage
  • 1500 lbs capacity
  • Key switch
  • Lift lock out
  • Hour meter
  • Cold conditioning
  • Boom with hook
  • Die handler-manual
  • Die handler-hydraulic
  • Drum handler
  • Order picking platform
  • Paper roll handler
  • Ram
  • Removable load platform
  • Roller bed
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