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Big Joe S22

Big Joe S22

Big Joe S22 Light Duty Straddle Stackers

Big Joe's 2,200lb. capacity S22 eStacker featuring monomast construction and a 62" lift height. An easy to use and maintain truck that is a good choice for general material handling, stacking and work positioning in tight areas.

Standard Equipment Includes:
  • Transistor Travel Controller. 24V infinitely variable
  • Permanent Magnet DC drive motor
  • Integral batteries and charger
  • Spring Loaded Stability Casters
  • Lift and lower controls in handle
  • Battery Discharge Indicator
  • Belly button reversing switch
  • Neutral braking
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S22 Adjustable Straddle Stackers
Max Lift
Speed (fpm)
Speed (mph)
LiftColExt w/LBRI.D.O.D.EmptyLoadedEmptyLoaded
S22-622,200 lbs24"Mono62"76.4"83"55.6"38"-50"44"-56"42"L x 3.5"W33.517.80-3.410-2.51,190 lbsQuote
S22-962,200 lbs24"Telescopic96"70.7"134"0"38"-50"44"-56"42"L x 3.5"W33.517.80-3.410-2.51,320 lbsQuote
S22-1162,200 lbs24"Telescopic116"80.7"153.5"0"38"-50"44"-56"42"L x 3.5"W33.517.80-3.410-2.51,360 lbsQuote
S22 Forkover Stacker
S22-62R2,200 lbs24"Mono62"78.5"78.3"55.1"10"19.9"45"L x 6.75"W33.517.80-3.410-2.51,125 lbsQuote

*Note: Ship Weight includes weight of battery & charger.

  • Lift cylinder is hard chrome. Permanent magnet pump motor and chrome plated lift cylinder provides smooth lifting and lowering. Pump unit includes DC motor, solenoid, and gear pump

  • 24-Volt permanent magnet DC drive motor with rare earth neodymium magnets increases efficiency and duty cycle

  • Curtis travel control provides smooth step less travel. Quick disconnect EPD power cut off and battery discharge indicator are standard equipment

  • Electronic neutral braking function provides smooth and safe control. Electromagnetic disc brake provides safe and secure stops under all conditions

  • Offset steering arm provides excellent line of sight for operators. Right angle stacking in aisles as narrow as 60"

  • Travel, lift, and lower functions are located in the ergonomic operator handle. All operator controls are accessible without having to lift the hand from the handle

  • Low mounted tiller arm offers excellent operator comfort and minimum steering effort

  • All steel construction welded rigid steel chassis for added durability. Adjustable forks on pin style carriage
  • Angle grips are designed to allow easy operation with either hand. Wrap around guard, reversing switch, thumb control, and horn are standard

  • Three inch wide adjustable straddle legs for ease of operation in racked aisles. Four position adjustment allows for preset outrigger dimensions to fit various sized pallets

  • Hydraulic lift pump motor is specially designed for peak electrical efficiency at specific torque and rpm levels

  • Fully enclosed wheel guard and flush mounted axles prevent wheel and axle damage during normal use

  • Removable one piece power head cover allows for easy maintenance

  • S22-62 non-telescoping mono mast with single lifting chain, adjustable mast rollers

  • S22-96/116 telescoping high visibility mast and inner rail, clear view Plexiglas mast guard, dual lifting chains, adjustable mast rollers

  • Chrome plated lift cylinder provides smooth lift/lower operation

  • Hand held remote lift & lower control box with 3' coiled cord
  • 85AH Maintenance Free Batteries on S22-62
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