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Electric Pallet Jacks

Big Joe E30
Big Joe E30
Big Joe's 3,000 lb capacity fully electric pallet jack provides a level of economy and performance that make it one of the very best values in the industry.
Capacity:3,000 lbs.
Lift Height:7.5"
Fork Length:36" - 48"
Fork OD:27"
Load Center:18" - 24"
  • Up to 4.5 hours of run-time per charge
  • Controls in Handle
  • Easy operation with either hand
  • Wrap around guard
  • Low mounted tiller arm
Big Joe D40 Pallet Truck
Big Joe D40
Big Joe's 4,000lb capacity electric pallet truck has been developed from the ground up to meet the unique demands of local delivery applications.
Capacity:4,000 lbs.
Lift Height:7.5"
Fork Length:33" - 45"
Fork OD:21.5" - 27"
Load Center:18" - 24"
  • Gas assisted spring tiller handle
  • Electric braking
  • Vertically mounted AC drive motor
  • Hypoid bevel gear drive train
  • Water resistant power head cover
Big Joe WPT45
Big Joe WPT45
Big Joe's 4,500 lb capacity AC motorized pallet truck is great for facilities that frequently handle loads at ground level.
Capacity:4,500 lbs.
Lift Height:8.2"
Fork Length:33.5" - 57.5"
Fork OD:18" - 27"
Load Center:18" - 30"
  • 24volt ZAPI transistor control
  • High torque Monarch drive motor
  • Double reduction helical transmission
  • Shaft mounted electromechanical brake
  • BDI with hour meter
Big Joe WPT60
Big Joe WPT60
Big Joe's 6,000lb capacity AC pallet truck has been designed to provide high productivity, reliability and low operating cost.
Capacity:6,000 lbs.
Lift Height:8.3"
Fork Length:35.5" - 59.5"
Fork OD:27"
Load Center:18" - 30"
  • 24-Volt regenerative braking
  • Large AC traction motor
  • Two piece powerhead cover
  • Tapered fork tips w/entry skid plate
  • Programmable performance
Interthor Panther MINI MAXI
Interthor Panther MINI MAXI
Interthor's Panther Mini and Panther Maxi power driven pallet trucks offer a high degree of flexibility resulting in increased worker efficiency by being able to handle many different pallets in confined area both easily and quietly.
Capacity:3,100 - 4,000 lbs.
Lift Height:8"
Fork Length:32" - 60"
Fork OD:20.5" - 27"
Load Center:16" - 30"
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Easy Access to Components
  • AC-Technology
  • No Brushes in Wheel Motor
  • Rounded Corners
Product Lines:
Specifications Comparison:
ProductMade ByCapacityLift HeightFork LengthStraddle O.D.Load CenterShips From
E30Big Joe3,000 lbs.7.5"36" - 48"27"18" - 24"WI
D40Big Joe4,000 lbs.7.5"33" - 45"21.5" - 27"18" - 24"WI
WPT45Big Joe4,500 lbs.8.2"33.5" - 57.5"18" - 27"18" - 30"WI
WPT60Big Joe6,000 lbs.8.3"35.5" - 59.5"27"18" - 30"WI
Panther MINI MAXIInterthor3,100 - 4,000 lbs.8"32" - 60"20.5" - 27"16" - 30"IL
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