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Presto M Series

Presto Manual Stackers

Presto Lifts Manual Stackers

Presto Lifts line of Manual Stackers incorporate an impressive number of safety features in a rugged, user-friendly design. They are available in Hand or Foot operated styles.
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Presto Lifts M-Series Stackers - Foot Operated Models
(L x W x H)
Base LegsWheel Dia.Ship
M100 Series - Platform (24"L x 24"W)
M1521000 lbs15"52"5.25"38" x 26" x 66"15"21"5"4"270 lbsQuote
M1661000 lbs15"66"5.25"38" x 26" x 80"15"21"5"4"290 lbsQuote
M1781000 lbs15"78"5.25"38" x 26" x 92"15"21"5"4"300 lbsQuote
M300 Series - Platform (30"L x 32"W)
M3521000 lbs18"52"5.25"44" x 32" x 66"24"30"5"4"350 lbsQuote
M3661000 lbs18"66"5.25"44" x 32" x 80"24"30"5"4"370 lbsQuote
M3781000 lbs18"78"5.25"44" x 32" x 92"24"30"5"4"390 lbsQuote
M200 Series - Adjustable 25" Forks (Non-Straddle)
M2521000 lbs15"52"5.25"42" x 27" x 66"15"21"5"4"340 lbsQuote
M2661000 lbs15"66"5.25"42" x 27" x 80"15"21"5"4"360 lbsQuote
M2781000 lbs15"78"5.25"42" x 27" x 92"15"21"5"4"380 lbsQuote
M400 Series - Adjustable 30" Forks (Straddle)
M4521000 lbs18"50"3.25"49" x 32" x 66"26"32"5"4"370 lbsQuote
M4661000 lbs18"64"3.25"49" x 32" x 80"26"32"5"4"390 lbsQuote
M4781000 lbs18"76"3.25"49" x 32" x 92"26"32"5"4"410 lbsQuote

Presto Lifts M-Series Stackers - Hand Operated Models
(L x W x H)
Base LegsWheel Dia.Ship
M800 Series - Adjustable 30" Forks (Straddle)
M8522000 lbs18"50"3.25"51" x 32" x 66"26"32"5"5"460 lbsQuote
M8662000 lbs18"64"3.25"51" x 32" x 80"26"32"5"5"480 lbsQuote
M8782000 lbs18"76"3.25"51" x 32" x 92"26"32"5"5"500 lbsQuote
  • Capacities up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Lifting Heights from 50" - 78"
  • Fork or Platform designs
  • Adjustable fork widths (I.D.)
  • Perforated metal safety screen
  • Leaf type chain with 8,250 lbs. yield point
  • High impact phenolic wheels
  • Available in fork over & straddle styles
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Lift Products PM120
Lift Products PM120 Type:Manual Lift
Capacity:250 lbs
Lift Height:41"
Fork Length:15.75"
Fork OD:13.5" - 19"
Load Center:8"
Presto EPF
Presto EPF Type:Electric Lift
Capacity:1,000 lbs
Lift Height:52" - 130"
Fork Length:30"
Straddle OD:30" - 40"
Load Center:18"
Lift Products MXSA
Lift Products MXSA Type:Manual Lift
Capacity:2,200 lbs
Lift Height:63" - 98"
Fork Length:41"
Straddle OD:42.5" - 53.5"
Load Center:23.6"
Presto B600
Presto B600 Type:Electric Lift
Capacity:1,000 - 2,000 lbs
Lift Height:52" - 78"
Fork Length:25"
Straddle OD:21" - 26"
Load Center:15"
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