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Presto B800

Presto B800

Presto B800 & BT800 Straddle Stackers

Presto Straddle Stackers are the perfect solution for medium duty pallet handling. They are available in capacities up to 2,000 lbs. with lift heights up to 127".
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Presto B800 Series
(L x W x H)
Base LegsWheel Dia.Ship
B862-15001500 lbs20"62"2"54" x 32" x 80"26"32"5"4"625 lbsQuote
B874-15001500 lbs20"74"2"54" x 32" x 92"26"32"5"4"650 lbsQuote
B886-15001500 lbs20"86"2"54" x 32" x 104"26"32"5"4"670 lbsQuote
B862-20001500 lbs20"62"2.5"54" x 32" x 80"26"32"5"4"635 lbsQuote
B874-20002000 lbs20"74"2.5"54" x 32" x 92"26"32"5"4"660 lbsQuote
B886-20002000 lbs20"86"2.5"54" x 32" x 104"26"32"5"4"680 lbsQuote

Presto BT800 Series - Telescopic
(L x W x H)
Base LegsWheel Dia.Ship
BT894-15001500 lbs20"94"2.5"55" x 38" x 73"/119"32"38"5"4"860 lbsQuote
BT8107-15001500 lbs20"107"2.5"55" x 38" x 81"/133"32"38"5"4"920 lbsQuote
BT8127-15001500 lbs20"127"2.5"55" x 38" x 93"/153"32"38"5"4"970 lbsQuote
BT894-20002000 lbs20"94"2.5"55" x 38" x 73"/119"32"38"5"4"880 lbsQuote
BT8107-20002000 lbs20"107"2.5"55" x 38" x 81"/133"32"38"5"4"930 lbsQuote
BT8127-20002000 lbs20"127"2.5"55" x 38" x 93"/153"32"38"5"4"980 lbsQuote
  • 20" load centers
  • Solid steel, adjustable width forks
  • Fixed (B800) or telescoping (BT800) mast
  • Tighter turning radius than conventional fork lifts
  • Hand operated floor lock
  • Flow control valve for smooth lowering
  • 5" per second lifting speed
  • Heavy-duty battery and built-in charger
  • High impact phenolic load wheels

Please Note: Only common options are listed in the quote requests. If you would like additional options from the below list quoted, please include that information in the requirements section of the quote request.

  • 5th Wheel Steering
  • 20" Boom with Hook
  • Remote Control
  • Foot Controls
  • Slip On Platform
  • Air Powered
  • Round Ram (1k lbs Cap)
  • Square Ram (1.5k lbs Cap)
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