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Lift Products MXEM

Lift Products MXEM

Lift Products MXEM Medium Duty Industrial Stackers

Lift Products MXEM Walk Behind Stacker Series is ideally suited for applications where loads are lighter and distances are short. The MXEM Series consists of 1,450 lbs and 2,200 lbs capacity models that are manual push and powered lift by a 12 volt on board battery and built in charger. All units feature adjustable straddles.

Standard Equipment Includes:
  • Adjustable fork carriage
  • Amp meter
  • Caster foot guard
  • Key switch
  • 120 amp hour battery
  • Integral 12 amp charger
  • Foot actuated floor lock
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MXEM Series
Overall HeightLift
Lift Speed
Straddle ODFork SpreadWeight
MXEM-1450-63145023.6"79.1"79.1"63"2.5-4.242" x 3.5"60/66/72"37.8",46.1",53.5"10.4-26.8"519Quote
MXEM-1450-98145023.6"72"72"98"2.5-4.242" x 3.5"60/66/72"37.8",46.1",53.5"10.4-26.8"6229Quote
MXEM-2200-63220023.6"79.1"79.1"63"2.5-4.242" x 3.5"58/64/70"42.5",48",53.5"8.3-31.5"704Quote
MXEM-2200-98220023.6"69.7"117"98"3.3-4.942" x 3.5"58/64/70"42.5",48",53.5"8.3-31.5"814Quote
MXEM-2200-118220023.6"79.1"117"118"3.4-4.742" x 3.5"58/64/70"42.5",48",53.5"8.3-31.5"880Quote
  • Raise and lower lever located in front of operator. Provides fixed lifting speed and variable lowering speed.

  • Ergonomic operator mast handles and spring-loaded steer handle with positive steer "tracking" caster wheel. Slip resistant foot actuated floor lock for secure grip while parked. Key lock to prevent unauthorized use of truck.

  • Heavy duty lift motor, pump, and control valve. Built in relief valve protects system form overloading. Pressure compensating flow control valve at base of telescopic models regulates lower speed. Hydraulic reservoir with filter prevents foreign material from entering the system

  • On/Off key switch, charger amp meter, easy access battery compartment with integral 12-amp charger are standard. Control circuits are fuse-protected with auto reset circuit breaker; plug-in type connectors.
  • All steel construction welded rigid steel chassis for distortion free life. Adjustable forks on pin style carriage. Forks are adjustable from 8" ID to 31" OD. Standard fork is 42" long x 3.5" wide x 1.25" thick

  • High visibility mast with I-beam construction, dual lifting chains, and heavy duty mast rollers. Wire mesh safety guard to help protect the operator from chains and lift cylinder. Chrome plated lift cylinder rod provides smooth lift/lower operation and long life.

  • Straddle legs are made from heavy gauge steel plate with end contoured around load wheel. Flush mounted wheel axles to prevent damage. Three position adjustment allow for preset outrigger dimensions for various size pallets.

  • One piece door cover exposes major components for inspection and maintenance. Built 110 VAC charger cord and battery.
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