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Big Joe PDM

Big Joe PDM

Big Joe PDM Medium Duty Walkie Straddle Stackers

The PDM gives heavy-duty performance for a medium-duty price. This truck has the same structure and drive train as our heavier full duty-cycle units. The medium-duty designation refers only to the time the truck can operate between battery charging. PDM is the lift truck built for those who have a need for a power propelled, power lift truck who do not use it continuously over multiple shifts.

The PDM is excellent for "retail" applications where selling space is primary and back rooms are small, confined spaces. PDM functions well in tight areas yet has the capacity to transport heavy skids to the floor area for stocking. This series is designed and built for loading, off-loading, interdepartment handling and various warehouse storage functions. The capacity is 3,000 pounds. Available with full free lift and adjustable straddles.

Construction, features and versatility make the PDM an exceptional value for a Walkie Straddle lift truck.
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Big Joe PDM Series - 24" Load Center
Fork HeightTelescopicCol.
PDM-30-60300060"2.5"62.5"No77"29.5"58"42"50"44" x 4"1555Quote
PDM-30-1063000106"2.5"108.5"Yes71"29.5"58"42"50"44" x 4"1905Quote
PDM-30-1303000130"2.5"132.5"Yes83"29.5"58"42"50"44" x 4"1985Quote
PDM-30-1543000154"2.5"156.5"Yes95"29.5"58"42"50"44" x 4"2065Quote

Lift Speed (FPM)26.612.8
Lowering Speed (FPM)27.536.3
Travel Speed (MPH)2.82.2
Grade Clearance10%10%
  • Channel and I-Beam Mast. High grade steel mast construction features interlocked channel and I-beam design with roller bearing surfaces. Mast and carriage is of fully-rollered construction for smooth, long-wearing performance. This type of construction accommodates high lifting stresses and maintains load stability.

  • Direction Reversing "Belly-Button" Impact Switch. A reversing switch, built into the control handle is designed to reverse truck direction on contact with the operator.

  • Fully Protected Electrical System. Fully fuse protected, heavy-duty 100 ampere industrial contactors are standard. All wiring is coded for easy servicing.

  • Battery Charger. Internally mounted fully automatic "smart" charger provides amount of charge necessary. Plugs into standard 110 volt AC outlet.

  • Versatile Braking Systems. Two-way mechanical brake in top and bottom 15° of handle arc actuates automotive-type disc brake proportional to handle movement, allowing operator complete control of braking from "feathering" through full emergency stop. When released, handle returns to upright position and applies the brake.

  • Dynamic Brake, actuated by a pushbutton on the control handle provides electrical braking for accurate payload positioning and protection.

  • Wheel Diameter: 10" Front, 4" Rear.
  • Industrial Rated Batteries. Built to withstand deep-discharge and recharging, industrial rated batteries contain heavy plates and separators. Externally mounted quick-release battery disconnect is readily accessible to remove all power from truck circuits in the event of an emergency. Hinged battery compartment covers provide easy access to batteries for maintenance.

  • High Strength Construction. Unitized seam-welded steel frame resists operational stresses and provides a rugged housing to protect truck components.

  • Advanced Handle Control. Models come equipped with the industry's most versatile control handle. Speed may be controlled with twist grip or thumb control. Includes 3-speed forward and reverse detent action speed control; thumb control of horn and dynamic brake.

  • Chrome Plated Lift Cylinder. Provides smooth lift/lower operation and maintenance-free long cylinder life.

  • Pressure-Compensated Flow Control Valve. Located at base of lift cylinder, regulates lowering speed (on telescopic models only).

  • V-Boxed Load Wheels on Straddle Legs. This improved straddle leg design not only protects load wheels, but its angular shape aids in pushing empty pallets or other obstructions to the side and away from the truck's work path.

Please Note: Only common options are listed in the quote requests. If you would like additional options from the below list quoted, please include that information in the requirements section of the quote request.

  • Battery discharge indicator (BDI)
  • Remote lift/lower buttons in handle
  • 36" wide fork carriage
  • Pallet centering device
  • Maintenance free batteries
  • Remote lift/lower box
  • Adjustable straddle legs
  • Rigid fork carriage
  • 1500 lbs capacity
  • Key switch
  • Lift lock out
  • Hour meter
  • Cold conditioning
  • Boom with hook
  • Die handler-manual
  • Die handler-hydraulic
  • Drum handler
  • Order picking platform
  • Paper roll handler
  • Ram
  • Removable load platform
  • Roller bed
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