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Medium Duty Power Driven

Big Joe PDS25
Big Joe PDS25
Big Joe's PDS25 is easy to use and maintain. The PDS25 is a good choice for general material handling, stacking and work positioning in tight areas.
Capacity:2,500 lbs.
Lift Height:106" - 157"
Fork Length:36" - 48"
Straddle OD:44" - 56"
Load Center:24"
  • Regenerative Neutral Braking
  • Creep Speed Handle Control
  • Gas Assist Spring Handle
  • Hour Meter BDI Combo Gauge
Presto PowerStak
Presto PowerStak
The Presto PowerStak is a high performance, fully powered stacker that offers significant performance advantages over manual stackers without a significant price premium.
Capacity:2,200 lbs.
Lift Height:62" - 150"
Fork Length:42"
Straddle OD:21" - 60"
Load Center:24"
  • Poly drive wheel is fully shrouded
  • Battery status indicator and charger controls
  • Straddle legs feature simple user adjustability
Big Joe S30
Big Joe S30
Big Joe's 3,000lb. capacity S30 Stacker with a 128" lift height. An easy to use and maintain truck that is a good choice for general material handling, stacking and work positioning in tight areas.
Capacity:3,000 lbs.
Lift Height:128"
Fork Length:42"
Straddle OD:46" - 58"
Load Center:24"
  • Infinitely variable speed
  • High efficiency drive motors
  • Maintenace free integral batteries
  • Safety reversing switch & horn
  • 24 volt system
Interthor SELFS MINI
Interthor SELFS MINI
Interthor's SELFS MINI series of Trans-Stackers Trans-Positioners are light and maneuverable. They are able to lift, transport and maneuver loads on open bottom pallets or pallets with bottom boards in tight quarters.
Capacity:2,200 lbs.
Lift Height:35" - 63.75"
Fork Length:23.5" - 60"
Straddle OD:40" - 62.5"
Load Center:11.75" - 30"
  • AC-technology (Curtis Controller)
  • Low overall height = optimum view
  • Operates with the handle upright
  • Long operating time per charge
  • All control buttons on handle
  • Ergonomically correct handle
Noblelift PSE22 SL Stacker
Noblelift PSE22 SL
The Noblelift PSE22 SL 2,200lb capacity, electric stacker is available in (3) different maximum lift heights and is designed for light-duty general material handling, stacking and work positioning in tight areas.
Capacity:2,200 lbs.
Lift Height:114" - 138"
Fork Length:45.3"
Straddle OD:42.1" - 53.9"
Load Center:23.6"
  • Lift lock-out
  • Built-in charger
  • Robust handle with steel housing
  • 3-point design for improved traction
  • Interlocking, high tensile steel mast
  • Battery Dicharge Indicator
Noblelift PSE26N SL Stacker
Noblelift PSE26N SL
The Noblelift PSE26N SL 2,600lb capacity stacker stacker has a fast-charging maintenance-free lithium battery, a built-in charger, and can be opportunity charged, allowing for longer use throughout multiple work shifts.
Capacity:2,600 lbs.
Lift Height:63" - 142"
Fork Length:45.3"
Straddle OD:46.5" - 58.3"
Load Center:23.6"
  • Lithium battery
  • Built-in charger
  • Fast charging
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Battery discharge indicator
  • Clear view of forks
Specifications Comparison:
ProductMade ByCapacityLift HeightFork LengthStraddle O.D.Load CenterShips From
PDS25Big Joe2,500 lbs.106" - 157"36" - 48"44" - 56"24"WI
PowerStakPresto2,200 lbs.62" - 150"42"21" - 60"24"AR
S30Big Joe3,000 lbs.128"42"46" - 58"24"WI
SELFS MINIInterthor2,200 lbs.35" - 63.75"23.5" - 60"40" - 62.5"11.75" - 30"IL
PSE22 SLNoblelift2,200 lbs.114"-138"45.3"42.1" - 53.9"23.6"IL
PSE26N SLNoblelift2,600 lbs.63" - 142"45.3"46.5" - 58.3"23.6"IL
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