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Panther Mini Maxi

Interthor Panther Mini

Panther Mini & Pather Maxi Powered Pallet Trucks

Interthor's Panther Mini and Panther Maxi power driven pallet trucks offer a high degree of flexibility resulting in increased worker efficiency by being able to handle many different pallets in confined area both easily and quietly.

Featuring an elegant design and rounded corners, potential damage to the surrounding environment is minimized. The design is focused on the safety and ergonomic working conditions of the user with it's ergonomic handle and ease of access to controls.

High quality is ensured through an extended test program and in cooperation with experts in Health and Safety.
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Panther Mini & Pather Maxi Specifications
Lift HeightLift Speed/secForkFork
Overall SizeTurning
Panther Mini3,10016" - 30"3.35"8"2"1.5"8",14.5"20.5",27"32" - 60"17.75" + Fork Length x 25.5"H55.5"447 lbsQuote
Panther Maxi4,00016" - 30"3.35"8"2"1.5"8",14.5"20.5",27"32" - 60"17.75" + Fork Length x 32.25"H55.5"451 lbsQuote

* Does not include battery weight.

Panther Mini Handle Pather Maxi Construction Pather Mini Maintenance Access
Ergonomic Handle
Possible to operate upright. Central location of all control buttons.
Strong Construction
Ensures a long operating lift and low maintenance costs.
Easy Access
To all components makes service of the pallet truck straightforward.
  • Safety button can be activated in all positions
  • Narrower than the width of a EUR pallet
  • AC-technology (Curtis Controller)
  • Easy setting of drive system
  • Long operation time per charge
  • No brushes in the wheel motor
  • Compact construction
  • Soft acceleration
  • Low use of power
  • Rounded corners
  • Speed control
  • Motor brake
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