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Big Joe WPT60

Big Joe WPT60

Big Joe WPT60 AC Heavy Duty Pallet Truck

Big Joe's 6,000lb capacity AC pallet truck has been designed to provide high productivity, reliability and low operating cost. There are no moving parts in the drive motor resulting in many maintenance expenses being eliminated over the equipment's lifecycle. With it's heavy duty steel construction and the use of best of breed non-proprietary parts the WPT60 delivers exceptional value.

Standard Features Include:
  • 24-Volt regenerative braking
  • Large AC traction motor
  • Two piece powerhead cover
  • Tapered fork tips w/entry skid plate
  • Programmable performance travel / plugging / braking
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WPT60 Heavy Duty Pallet Truck
Fork Size
(W x L)
WheelbaseOverall Size
(L x W)
Fork HeightSpeed (mph)GradeabilityWeight
WPT60-27366,00027" x 35.5"71.9"55.8"73.1" x 33"3.25"8.3"0-3.50-3.410%6%1,175Quote
WPT60-27486,00027" x 46.8"73.3"67.8"84.5" x 33"3.25"8.3"0-3.50-3.410%6%1,254Quote
WPT60-27606,00027" x 59.5"75.9"67.8"97.1" x 33"3.25"8.3"0-3.50-3.410%6%1,354Quote
*Note: Chassis Only

  • Travel, lift, and lower functions are located in the ergonomic operator handle. All operator controls are accessible without having to lift the hand from the handle.

  • Angle grips are designed to allow easy operation with either hand. Wrap around guard, reversing switch, thumb control, and horn are standard.

  • Low mounted tiller arm offers excellent operator comfort and minimum steering effort.

  • Gas assisted spring handle gently returns handle to vertical position.

  • Heavy-duty, 24-Volt system for demanding warehouse applications. The programmable ZAPI traction control and matching drive motor provide high performance throughout the entire speed range.

  • Travel speed remains constant relative to throttle position regardless of load. Separately fused power control circuits, quick disconnect EPD power cut off, hour meter / battery discharge indicator combination gauge complete the system. Power configurations and diagnostic features are standard.

  • Heavy duty composite single piece cover exposes major components for inspectionand maintenance.
  • Heavy duty pump motor with center mounted lift cylinder. Hydraulic reservoir, solenoid, and gear pump. Integral pressure compensated flow control valve regulates lowering speeds.

  • Vertically mounted drive motor is directly mounted to gear housing. Oil bathed hypoid bevel gear drive train with tapered roller bearings transfers power to axle. State of the art optimized gear technology supplies advantages such as minimal envelope circle, zero maintenance, low noise level, high efficiency and high performance.

  • Regenerative electromagnetic brake is mounted on motor armature shaft multiplying the braking power through the transmission. Brake is applied when control arm is in the vertical or horizontal handle position. System features anti-roll back and neutral braking.

  • Heavy duty spring loaded, articulating systems designed to stabilize truck performance and increase operator comfort.

  • Pallet entry slide allows easy pallet entry by lifting the fork up and over bottom board. Eight easily accessed grease zerks for ease of maintenance.

  • Cold Conditioning

  • Battery Compartment Rollers
  • Load Back Rest - 48" or 60"

  • Poly Siped Drive Tire
  • Rubber Lug Drive Tire

  • Numerous Battery Options
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