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Thork Lift EHL-PLUS

Interthor Electric Stainless Steel Thork-Lift

Interthor EHL-PLUS Electric Stainless Steel Thork Lift

The stainless steel Thork-Lift is developed for the use in environments with high hygiene demands. This is done in close cooperation with customers in industries where the trucks are exposed to an aggressive environment and thorough cleaning. With a stainless Thork-Lift the risk of bacterial contamination is minimized.

The Thork Lift highlifter can transport and lift an open bottom skid to the ideal ergonomic working height. The Thork Lift has an elegant design with rounded corners minimizing potential damage to the surroundings, skids and goods.

The design of the highlifter reduces injuries caused by repetitive motions by minimizing the strain on the user. The ergonomically correct shape of the handle ensures a relaxed hold for the operator. High quality is ensured through an extended test program and in cooperation with experts in Health and Safety.
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Thork Lift Electric Stainless Steel Specifications
Lift HeightLift Speed/PumpForkOverall SizeTurning
EHL-1004-RF-PLUS-273,30013.75"3.25"19.5"3.25"2"8.25",14"21.25",27"27.5"45.1"L x 21.25"H180°255 lbsQuote
EHL-1004-RF-PLUS-353,30017.5"3.5"23.5"3.25"2"8.25",14"21.25",27"35"52.1"L x 21.25"H180°269 lbsQuote
EHL-1004-RF-PLUS-473,30023.5"3.5"31.5"3.25"2"8.25",14"21.25",27"47"64.8"L x 21.25"H180°291 lbsQuote
EHL-1004-RF-PLUS-603,30030.0"3.5"31.5"3.25"2"8.25",14"21.25",27"60"77.6"L x 21.25"H180°315 lbsQuote

* Derate capacity to 2,200 lbs at and above an 18.5" raised height.

Closed Forks
Closed Forks
Few hiding places for bacteria
Thork Lift Water Tight Casing
Watertight Casing
of the lifting motor
  • Stainless fork chassis, handle, legs & pump piston
  • Risk of bacterial attacks is minimized
  • Ergonomic handle ensures a relaxed hold
  • AISI 316L steel for the fork chassis
  • The working height can be adjusted
  • Supporting feet at steering wheels
  • Reliable cylinder construction
  • Individual adjustment
  • Low overall height
  • Foot protection
  • Rounded corners
  • Low own weight
Thork Lift Remote Control
Remote Control
Wired or wireless
Thork Lift Level Control
Level Control
Ensures a constant working height
  • Pallet Truck Stop
  • Parking Brake
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