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Interthor LFS-MM MINI
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Interthor Logiflex LF & LFS MINI Stacker

The Logiflex LF/LFS MINI by Interthor has a high degree of flexibility resulting in greater efficiency. Not only can goods can be transported, they can be lifted and handled in many different ways. The LF MINI is very compact in design allowing it to be used in conditions where high maneuverability is required.

Safety and ergonomic working conditions are paramount in the design of the Logiflex LF/LFS. It can be adjusted to the individual user's needs and a relaxed hold is provided by the ergonomically correct handle. Quality Assurance is achieved through long testing programs that are conducted in cooperation with Health and Safety experts.
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LFS MINI Straddle Specifications
Lift HeightFree
Lift Speed/PumpStraddle**Fork
Overall SizeTurning
LFS-MINI-1002-0352,20021"2.5"35"0"0.3"1"33.5"-56"40"-62.5"42"63.25"L x 52.5"H180°628 lbsQuote
LFS-MINI-1002-0642,20021"2.5"64"13"0.3"1"33.5"-56"40"-62.5"42"63.75"L x 79.75"H180°705 lbsQuote

LF MINI Fork Over Specifications
Lift HeightFree
Lift Speed/PumpForksOverall SizeTurning
LF-MINI-1002-0362,20022.5"3.25"36"0"0.3"1"0.25"-9"13.25"-22"45"66"L x 52.5"H180°485 lbsQuote
LF-MINI-1002-0652,20022.5"3.25"65"13"0.3"1"0.25"-9"13.25"-22"45"66.25"L x 79.75"H180°560 lbsQuote

* Does not include battery weight. ** Derate capacity to 1,760 lbs for Straddle ID greater than 51.5". 60" long forks not recommended with Straddle ID greater than 51.5"

  • Great maneuverability
  • Adjustable forks
  • Low unit weight
  • Hand operated change from normal & quick lift
  • Assisted wheel steering
  • Transparent safety screen
  • Location of parking brake
  • All control buttons on handle
  • Foot guards
  • Shielded chains
  • Ergonomically correct handle
  • Individual adjustment
  • Strong construction
  • Long operating life
  • Low maintenance costs

Please Note: Only common options are listed in the quote requests. If you would like additional options from the below list quoted, please include that information in the requirements section of the quote request.

Drum Turner Attachement
Drum Turner
Drum Forks Attachement
Drum Forks
Reel Spindle Attachement
Reel Spindle
Reel Clamp Attachement
Reel Clamp
Boom Attachement
Crane Arm Attachement
Crane Arm
  • 42" Forks
  • Back rest
  • 13.25" to 22" OD
  • Battery Trolley
  • Chisel Type Forks
  • Bar Type Forks
  • Water refilling system
  • Platform for pallets
  • Tip-end pallet
  • Custom Colors
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